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Grupo Segura
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Friday, 28 May 2010 10:09
At present, the Segura Group offers one of the most modern manufacturing processes, efficient engineering, design and construction of the most competitive tools and prototypes in the Automotive Sector. We are able to serve our products anywhere in the world.


"Design, industrialisation and production of metallic pieces on an international level using the processes of stamping, assembly and finishing surfaces, maximizing the value of the Segura- Group in a continuous and sustainable way by satisfying our clients and incorporating all our employees."


"To be one of the European reference companies in the industry of automotive suppliers, making our customers feel the total compliance of their expectations."


  • ORIENTATION TO CUSTOMER. Provide confidence, quality and preciseness.
  • COMPLYING TO GIVEN COMMITMENTS with clients, providers, employees and the environment.
  • INVOLVEMENT OF STAFF. Maintaining and amplifying personal relations, in the form of continuous training,  professional development, with the commitment to security and respect to the individuals.
  • DYNAMISM OF MANAGEMENT, REACTION AND ADAPTATION with clear and efficient communication systems, with agility to find and execute decisions and delegation of functions based on clear definition of roles and responsibilities.
  • DISPOSIBILITY OF MEDIUMS AND RESOURCES. Ensuring anytime the organisation to provide the best mediums and resources economically available.
  • INTEGRITY, HONESTY, SINCERITY, EQUALITY, RESPECT AND PROACTIVITY. Regarding all relations and all groups of interest.

To achieve these goals, the Segura Group compromises - by identificating objectives and achievement of its targets - to improve continuously with the goal to increase productivity, stimulate creativity, initiative and sense of responsibility of our personal, minimizing consumption and waste.


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