Passion for Excellence



We compete in the automobile sector; we are TIER 1 generating more than 85% of our sales directly to OEMs (vehicle manufacturers). Our sector stands out for its high demands and specialisation. Systems and processes are required with checked quality indexes, as well as providers that understand the specific requirements of every client and know the trends of the sector in general.

In order to grow in such a demanding sector, at Segura Group we are not satisfied with simply “good” products and operations. For Segura Group, a process is not static. We improve our products and operations to turn good into excellent.

We gain this excellence together, with proactiveness and orientation to the client

At Segura Group we know that passion for excellence is the path to success. Therefore:

  • We conceive our products from the point of view of the most demanding client.
  • We take into account the needs of our clients in relation to the quality of our products.
  • We make an effort to know how we can positively influence the quality in our respective fields of work.

Our processes are focused on the products we make for our clients.

That is why engineering, the construction of tools, the selection of the provider, quality control and logistics are closely entwined in our processes.

This all-encompassing point of view guarantees maximum security, not only regarding the quality of the product, but also regarding profitability and sustainability in production.