“Design, industrialisation and manufacturing on an international level of metal parts using stamping, assembly and surface treatments , maximising the value of the Segura Group continuously and sustainably, by gaining the loyalty of our clients and involving all of our employees.”


“Being one of the benchmark European companies of the auxiliary automobile industry, making our clients feel the total fulfilment of their expectations.


At Segura Group, we are moved by a way of working inspired in our corporate Values, and in our commitment to society. To achieve our goals, at Segura Group we are committed, though identifying objectives and achieving results, to keep ourselves on track to continuous improvement, in order to increase productivity, stimulate creativity, initiative and the sense of responsibility of our staff, and minimise consumption and waste.


The organisation of SEGURA GROUP is oriented towards strengthening business management skills, to increase its efficiency and creation of value, and allowing SEGURA GROUP to grow and transform into one of the leading companies in the sector.


In Grupo Segura, everyone works under the philosophy of effort, perseverance and exigency in the development of our products and solutions, to achieve that we use all our energies to adopt immediate actions, willingness and continuous work.


We are pursuing an international project in which we introduce the best and most modern manufacturing, design and management systems. We offer a value proposal that provides solutions and to exceed our customers’ expectations in an innovative way.


We feel and transmit passion and enthusiasm in our projects, behaviors and actions; we are committed to a corporate goal, with personal involvement and identification with the company, and with an optimistic attitude.


Our team is formed by professionals with a high level of qualification, passion for work, and passion to exceed at all times the customers’ expectations. We rely on the professional skills of our employees, on the diversity of talent, on the vocation to grow, and on internationalization process, as a guarantee for the future. We understand professional relationships as a long-term partnership in which everyone benefits.


We promote truth as a fundamental to generate trust and credibility of the company. We understand credibility oriented both for the members of the company, as also with our clients.

In Grupo Segura we understand sustainability as a permanence within time, and to achieve this we commit ourselves to respond to the expectations that the community and the people around have of us. For this reason, we pursue economic, environmental and social objectives in equal extent. We are fully aware of our commitment with the society; we have policies and working methods developed to preserve the environment and protecting the health and safety of our employees.


We are a company with capacity to adapt to changes, to solve problems, and to react in a flexible way to the demands of our clients, without this reducing the efficiency and the commitment. We anticipate problems and offer effective and fast solutions.