We are aware that professional development is one of the keys to success.

Talent is one of our main assets, which is why at SEGURA GROUP we pay special attention to the developing talent in all areas of the organisation. We foster the creation of supportive working environments for the employees to be able to develop their professional qualities and grow within the organisation. We have versatile professionals with an international vision and innovative skills.

We believe that investing in training and developing our employees will lead to people being more committed and motivated in their work, and furthermore it is a key aspect to uphold the company’s success in the future.

We focus on developing knowledge and skills, as well as leadership and management skills. The Directors and Managers take on the commitment, along with the employees, of ensuring their growth and development through training and development.

We create career plans connected to talent management and development, ensuring that we have the right people in the right places. This connection not only strengthens the competitiveness of the Group as an employer, but it also strengthens our customer service skills, which contributes to making our business grow and continue to succeed.

Segura Group offers many possibilities to acquire relevant experience in internships, and it notably collaborates with Universities and professional schools to carry out final theses or projects. The students are extensively cared for in the Group, and they have opportunities to participate in and acquire valuable knowledge for their professional future…