Product Development, Engineering

Our engineering department offers our clients extensive experience in design and development projects, analysing functional feasibility as well as the feasibility of manufacturing the parts. All design and development phases can be carried out by our engineering teams.

Modern CAD systems support Design (I-DEAS, Unigraphics, CATIA). CAE Finite Element Analysis Tools help us to assess the functionality of the pieces in their surroundings.

The component testing necessary to assess the DVP designs are carried out at our facilities as well as at modern technological providers. NVH measuring equipment, electro-dynamic shakers as well as experimental modal analysis equipment.




We have our own workshop to make prototypes as well as a specialised human team to make the project concept a reality in very competitive deadlines and costs. We understand the need for prototypes as media to assess the design and ensure that the pieces in production are totally feasible.

We also manufacture parts for small volume series.

Among the available machinery, we would like to point out the try-out presses, as well as the 5 axis laser.



The Segura Group, with more than 45 years of experience in the sector, has their own workshop for building tools with the most modern machinery and a human team of tool makers and adjusters with ample experience in the sector. Furthermore, a large part of our die construction processes is carried out both in Eastern Europe, Asia and India, these processes being directed and supervised by our toolmaking experts. All numeric controls are programmed remotely from the Technical Office of the workshop, which at the same time, makes the tooling construction plans. We have a team dedicated exclusively to the tool monitoring process, as well as a robust programme to assess the design and manufacturing process of each die.

After many years of experience in the management of stamping dies, we have an extensive international panel of tool construction providers to be able to expand our capacity and reach more competitive costs. Likewise, SEGURA GROUP has the most advanced software for analysing the feasibility of dies, which, along with the above allows us to offer more agile and flexible solutions, reducing delivery deadlines.




At our facilities we have presses capable of manufacturing all kinds of metal parts:

  • Transfer Presses up to 2,000 metric tonnes
  • Progressive Presses up to 2,000 metric tonnes

We work in direct contact with the best providers of raw material which allows us to offer the most modern material on the market such as steels with a high elastic limit or aluminium.

Welding and Assemblies

Extensive experience in welding allows us to offer assemblies of metal parts as well as plastic parts.


  • MIG/MAG Welding Robots
  • Multipoint Welding Robots




In order to provide greater service to our clients, we offer all kinds of metal surface treatments. In each case we help our clients to choose the best finish and we manage the best providers in each of the processes.

Types of Finish

  • Cataphoresic Painting
  • Powder Coating
  • Zinc Coating
  • Phosphate Coating


We have robotic cells to apply polyurethane strands on certain pieces, through two-component fast-reacting foaming equipment, which is provided and processed via robots, for a head equipped with a mix dispenser to be able to apply foam strips to a series of parts completely automatically.