Goodbye to Mr. Francisco Segura Segura, founder of the Segura group

Our group of companies is in mourning: Mr. Francisco Segura Segura, founder of the group, died last 25 February in Valencia at 71 years of age after a long illness.

Mr. Francisco Segura represented better than anyone else the impetus and commitment to the effort, raising a group of companies practically from nothing to where we are today, with four factories in three European countries, where more than 450 people work.

Mr. Francisco Segura, toolmaker by trade, started his professional career in the field of teaching. To carry out his work, in 1968 he purchased some presses to make parts that the students would learn with and also to provide some local businesses with buckles and ironwork for furniture.

In this way, the business started to grow and Segura decided to become independent buying a plant in Burjassort (Valencia). It was the year 1970. The factory’s activity expanded to the furniture and toy industries.

In the 80’s, with the establishment of Ford in Valencia, the company consolidated its position in the market and started constant growth that has still not stopped.

In the 21st century, the company jumped into internationalisation, and diversified its activity in renewable energy, currently having four production factories.

Mr. Francisco Segura did not only represent the business impetus of the group. He also actively participated in the world of Las Fallas and in football, two of his greatest passions. His moving character and extraordinary personality allowed him to earn the affection and friendship of everyone. The Valencia CF was part of his life. Without being an executive, he was just another guy in the expeditions, which he joined for years and accompanied throughout Spain and the rest of Europe on many occasions.

Las Fallas, another passion of his, was an important part of his life. He was the vice-president of the Falla de Convento Jerusalén. His daughter Laura was Fallera Mayor of Valencia, in a year that he experienced with the highest degree of intensity and happiness. Mr. Francisco was always a lover of Valencian traditions and always carried Valencia in his heart wherever he went.

With his loss, a large number of sectors in Valencian society are not orphans. We’ve all lost a great person, a friend. He leaves behind a wife, four children (Paco, Jorge, Esther and Laura) and seven grandchildren. His four children, participants in the company’s activity for years, will continue his business labour with the same enthusiasm as their father, as they have already done in their management tasks at the company in recent times.