The Segura Group is again awarded by Ford in its “World Excellence Award 2013″

On 22 May 2014, in Dearborn, Michigan, a ceremony took place to hand out the 16th annual “World Excellence Awards”, for the work done by the providers of Ford during the year 2013.

On this occasion, a total of 51 awards were handed out, in various categories (gold, silver and honourable mentions), F.Segura being given the category of Silver. The award was accepted by Manuel Montalbán.

Mark Fields, COO of Ford, and Hay Thai-Tangm, Vice-chairman of Global Sales at Ford, thanked the award-winners for their contribution to the “One Ford” team in creating more value for its clients and in following the path of progress and growth. Specifically, the Segura Group has been recognised for being placed in the 10% range of providers with the highest overall quality level in product, deliveries, price and expenses. These awards also acknowledge the care of the providers in promoting different cultures, ideas and values within their organisations.

Segura Group Management feels very proud for having contributed to Ford’s progress and thanks them especially for this public recognition of our daily labour and the work carried out by all professionals that make up our Group.