A smile for Christmas

On December 7, 2016, Grupo Segura, in collaboration with the NGO International Cooperation, participated in a solidarity and social integration initiative called “A Smile for Christmas”.

This initiative consisted of ‘giving a smile’ to a group of children from the Cabañal neighborhood in Valencia, who live on the threshold of poverty, simply by buying them a gift, and in which the Management and the employees of the Company participated anonymously placing next to the Christmas tree more than 220 gifts.

A representation of the company headed by its President Francisco Segura Hervás, his wife Sofía Mora Soriano, and the General Manager of the Grupo Segura, Jorge Segura Hervás attended the ceremony of delivery of gifts and visit to the school facilities, the past 22nd of December.


There we were able to verify the magnificent work that both teachers and members of the school Santiago Apóstol ( are doing daily with the students and with the neighbors of the neighborhood of Cabañal, since the majority of the students live in situation of Social exclusion and belongs, for the most part, to a minority culture within society, such as the gypsy people, that are in serious marginalization.

With this type of initiatives of social responsibility, cooperation and integration, we want to continue to promote our values of improvement, entrepreneurship, willingness, union, respect and adaptability, which we try to spread at Grupo Segura and our employees day by day.

Thanks for participating and for giving a smile for Christmas.