Diversity initiatives at Grupo Segura

During the last months sponsored by Grupo Segura Management, and within the Program of Diversity and inclusion, the company has participaed in different forums about the importance to the Grupo Segura of its Hungarian plant in Szolnok, and also as this plant has been the first impulse to the Group’s internationalization strategy.

The Szolnok’s facility started its activities in 2008, and has allowed us to grow and form our teams in this new reality. All these experiences accumulated over the years help us and serve as a stimulus to the Group’s determination to be a Global company.


Once again, this confirms the consistency of our values, as a company that bets on diversity, inclusion and continuous entrepreneurship in its actions.

The name of the Grupo Segura is not only synonymous with the excellence and quality in Spain, but now also in Hungary, and we bet that in the future this will take our good name beyond the European Continent through our future and firm projects of globalization.

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Grupo Segura board of directors visits Espurna Foundation

Last December 5, the board of Directors of Grupo Segura visited the facilities of the Espurna Foundation in Gandia, where they have been able to meet personally the activities that are carried out in the Foundation (www.espurna.org).



Interview with President of Grupo Segura, Mr. Francisco Segura: “China is creating 10 new OEM’s per year, we must be there”.

On the last November 28 our President, Franciso Segura was interviewed by the digital newspaper Valencia Plaza, in that becomes clear, through the signing and constitution of SEGURA JINHONG JILIN Autoparts Co Ltd., the expansion international of the Group and its strategy of internalisation, with an initial business plan that foresees a turnover of 30 million euros for the year 2025, and the start up with a plant of 3,000 square meters and 40 workers.






Maratón Valencia Trinidad Alfonso EDP.

On Sunday 20th of November took place in Valencia the Valencia Trinidad Marathon EDP race, which this year received the award from the IAAF “Road Race Gold Label”, and has been confirmed as one of the best race in the distance of the 42,195 meters of the world. Among the more than 19,000 runners who took the start in the marathon race, we stand out as successful all employees of the company that have participated, between them our General Manager Jorge Segura , with race time 3:19:07 , and our employees Salvador Solera Calduch  2:58:33, Joaquín Illueca Embuena 4:00:03, Raúl Martínez Capella 3:02:41, Montse Solbes Camarena 4:00:03, Antonio Ruiz Morante 3:30:17 y Adrian Benlloch Fernández 4:16:38.

Participating in a Marathon event is an example of personal improvement and perseverance that reflects the most representatives values of the sport, and that also mirrors our company values as IMPROVEMENT, ENTERPRENEURSHIP, WILLINGNESS, UNION, RESPECT, ADAPTABILITY. With your participation also, Grupo Segura demonstrates that has a remarkable team for its constancy, effort, dedication, desire and improvement, capable of facing high challenges and responsibilities, Values that you apply to your daily work, and at the same time make Grupo Segura a company with a strong sense of corporatism.

To all, our warmest congratulations.


Jorge Segura



Montse Solbes



Salva Solera



Antonio ruiz