Knight Cross of the Hungarian Order of Merit .

On March 19th, on the occasion of the Hungarian National Day, Ambassador Enikő Győri, on behalf of President János Áder, handed over the Knight Cross of the Hungarian Order of Merit to Manuel Montalbán, CEO Deputy of Grupo Segura.

Manuel Montalbán, throughout his professional career’s years at Grupo Segura, has been a key player in the internationalization of the whole Group and start-up of the Szolnok’s plant.

This initiative was carried out jointly under the direction of the founder of the company, Francisco Segura Segura, who bet on the establishment of the Grupo Segura in the center of Europe.

Hungary is a country that always offers us its fully support, meeting all our growth needs and strategic initiatives, to position ourselves strongly in the market, always through the most innovative and cutting edge technologies and processes.

Additionally, and within the actions aimed at building bridges between the two cultures, Manuel Montalbán has continued promoting and thrusting by numerous activities in order to bring closer the Hungarian culture, participating in different economic and business forums, for that, both the Hungarian Ambassador in Spain, and the different Hungarian official bodies have shown their deep respect and gratitude.

We are proud to have him on our team.


Verseghy Highschool.Szolnok

During the last week we had the pleasure of receiving in Valencia the student Fanny Berényi, winner of the 1st Spanish concourse of the Verseghy Highschool of Szolnok, who was accompanied by Eszter Valyon, her Spanish teacher at the school.

During their stay in Valencia, they had the opportunity to learn about our activity by visiting our Burjassot and Almussafes plants, as well as our main offices in the Technological Park in Paterna.

Obviously, they also had moments to taste our wonderful gastronomy as well as to visit the most emblematic places of our city.

This initiative is part of the commitment and responsibility social of Grupo Segura to support the development of the communities according to the values of our organization.


ISO 27001 quality certification in Management Systems.

Grupo Segura successfully passes the audit of the ISO 27001 quality certification in Management Systems.

ISO 27001 is an international standard issued by the International Organization for Standardization that describes how to manage information security in a company. ISO 27001 has become the world’s leading standard for information security.

Its central axis is to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information in a company, based mainly on risk management.

Obtaining this certification of the norm we will comply with new legal requirements related to the security of the information, we will obtain advantages in the commercial area in the eyes of customers who are interested in keeping their information secure, our costs will decrease avoiding security incidents, and also a better organization by having our processes and procedures defined.

This certification allows us to place ourselves one step above other companies in our sector and to be one step ahead of the demands that customers will force us to meet in the near future.



IPAR 4.0.

On June 28, a collaboration agreement with the IPAR 4.0 National Technological Platform was signed in Hungary.This important milestone in Budapest was attended by our President, who will start, together with the other members of the mixed team of Hungarians and Spaniards, all the associated activities to implement this intelligent way of taking advantage of new technologies.

IPAR 4.0.Next step: July 26, a visit to take real and direct contact at the Szolnok plant.

Welcome IPAR 4.0!